//That you would wish it makes its so.. I must be destined to have a lovely day, since it is Baldur who says it must be.

It takes but a glimpse of thy fine hindquarters to bring joy into my life.

ooc: The sun god wishes it true, so thus it must be.

I’ll give thee a glimpse of all that I can offer,then, if it bringeth even the slightest elation to thine existence.



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//Look there! My sun peaks over eastern horizon and greets me so pleasantly… my day is ready to begin <3

ooc: You’re always in my thoughts, my moonlit sky. Have a wonderful day.


thorthebad asked:"Thor grinned, flexing his golden hand. "Why... When I last saw you, you were swinging in the breeze while little brother cried and cried. He wouldn't leave your rooms until I dragged him out. He fought, of course he did. He loved you. Did you know he was pregnant with your child?""

Baldur’s gentle gaze briefly followed the motions of the artificial arm, reflecting the glare of gold off the shining surface, before he brought it back to the other’s somewhat warped grin, offering an expression of confusion. “…What are you talking about?”


“Sleep? Surely I am already asleep… surely I am dreaming now, as I am always dreaming whenever we do meet. Or maybe it is that other world which is the nightmare, and I am wide awake when you touch my skin and stir my bones… I think I would prefer that.” Gods but how he’d love for that to be the case.. a construct, an illusion for the illusionist, that he would wake up from every morning and find Baldur whole and happy at his side.

He knew his mood was a noxious cloud, infecting those around him, pervading and intruding like a cancerous smog… but Baldur withstood the toxin, somehow, he cured himself time and time again and always came back for more. A beautiful creature, the likes of which existed nowhere else but here, hugging Loki.

Fortune was his.

Let the world blush in envy of Loki for once, instead of the other way around.

"The two worlds are not distinct, but are one and the same." long fingers that were impossibly soft, apt to lavish tender caresses and plucking the strings of pliant musical instruments to create enthralling and melancholic melodies danced in slow circles at the base of Loki’s spine, applying the gentlest of pressure to hold him flush against his torso, if only to feel the lithe weight of his osseous body against his own.
"I am with you, always, for as long as you will have me; I am part of you." 


You don’t need to. I see it in your eyes that you long to live again. Tell me, what would be your first action should you be brought back from the dead?

Please, if you ever held a shred of sympathy for my plight, hurt me no more with such talk.


You know not what I am capable of then, dearest brother of mine. 

I know first-hand what you are capable of.

But I ask for nothing.





Oh, how I have achingly longed for all of those things, and so much more. But I am resigned to the grey numbness that ever accompanies my steps.

All I can ask for now is the happiness of my dear ones, and to someday fulfil the role that was chosen for me. I do realise that I have become but a willing pawn in a greater plan, and if my sacrifice was required somewhere in this grand tapestry, then so be it.

Why not defy the gods and their prophecies? Why not be selfish just this once to taste what is rightfully yours?

Because nothing is rightfully mine but my own self and essence to freely give unto those who have need and want for me. Everything I ever enjoyed was a gift and a blessing I am thankful for. 

Would you willingly accept a chance to live again? To breathe and hold close those you love once more without fear of the chill of your touch driving them away?

That won’t be possible. I will accept to live again when my time comes; and when it does, calamitous Ragnarok will have swept away all whom I love. I will be reborn, and I will be alone.